The Academic Layer

Academic Development through ASPIRE

This layer covers the breadth of the national curriculum. We focus on making sure pupils can read fluently, confidently and with enjoyment as quickly as possible. In the Early Years and key stage 1, pupils access daily phonics using Read Write Inc. and pupils access phonically decodable books so they can practise both at home and at school.

All pupils take part in a whole class daily reading lesson using a wide range of high quality texts. The pupils practise fluency, read with prosody and improve their comprehension skills.
We want pupils to have a love of reading. This means they have access to many different books, have daily story sessions, visits from authors and access to a well-stocked library.

Teachers carefully plan the other subjects within this layer so pupils build on their existing knowledge in order that they know more and remember more. Key knowledge and skills are revisited and developed to ensure they are embedded and applied with purpose.

Some foundation subjects are delivered in blocks so children can develop mastery by immersing pupils in their learning. Over the course of the term, pupils will have covered the relevant curriculum content in all subjects. PE, computing, MFL (in KS2) and PSHE are taught weekly.

There is a strong emphasis on ensuring that pupils master basic skills in reading, writing and maths to the highest standard. In order to embed these basic skills, we repeatedly utilise opportunities to further develop them across the curriculum. As a result, pupils achieve outcomes well above the national average by the end of the final key stage.

All Classes have a top 30 fiction and non-fiction ‘Reads’
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