Teaching and Learning

At Willow Green Academy we endeavour to ensure our early learners develop into life-long learners. We strive to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment where curiosity is welcomed, enquiry is encouraged and learning is fostered.

We believe that people learn best in different ways. At Willow Green Academy we provide a rich and varied learning environment that allows learners to develop their skills and abilities to their full potential.

  • Teachers set challenging teaching and learning objectives which are relevant to all pupils in their classes. These are based on knowledge of pupils’ past and current achievement and the expected standards for pupils of the relevant age range.
  • Teachers have high expectations of pupils and build successful relationships, centred on teaching and learning. They establish a purposeful learning environment where diversity is valued and where pupils feel secure and confident.
  • Teachers teach clearly structured lessons or sequences of work which interest and motivate pupils and which:
  1. start with a clear learning objective understood by all pupils
  2. has a defined set of criteria for success
  3. has learners working in the first 3 minutes of learning
  4. has learners not sat listening to teacher inputs for more than 11 minutes
  5. employ interactive teaching methods and collaborative group work, especially the use of the TALK project.
  6. has learners working at their instructional level
  7. promotes active and independent learning that enables pupils to think for themselves and to plan, manage and assess their own learning.
  8. ensure that children are given long enough to complete work, and have opportunities for working for sustained periods of time, appropriate to their age.
  9. ICT is used effectively to deepen understanding (Lexia, Bug Club, Education City, Third Space Learning)
  10. presentation of learners work is of a highest standard.
  11. uses Assessment as Learning strategies within the lesson to ensure learning is taking place.
  • Teachers set high expectations for pupils’ behaviour and establish a clear framework for classroom discipline in line with the academy behaviour policy
  • Teachers ensure the classroom learning environment includes working walls for English, Mathematics and Topic
  • Teachers will use the 5Rs consistently to promote and embed learning attitudes and habits to secure independent learners
  • Teachers facilitate frequent opportunities for pupils to reach a wider audience using the school blog and class twitter feeds for a range of purposes.