Views of the Academy

108 Parent Questionnaires were completed between March and July 2018 and the results have been uploaded onto Parent View. The results of all of these questionnaires can be found by clicking the link below. 

We appreciate the time parents take to complete the questionnaire and your feedback will be used to improve our practice and provision.

Two areas for action which we are proactively addressing are outlined below: 

This school deals effectively with bullying.

67% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that we deal effectively with bullying.

22% of parents didn’t know and 12% stated that they disagreed or strongly disagreed with this statement.

Bullying in any form is not tolerated at Willow Green Academy. All reports of bullying received from children (or from parents) are taken extremely seriously; they are investigated and dealt with in line with Academy policy immediately. Our curriculum enhancement provides time for social groups to take place and encourages children to work positively together. We ensure that we engage with national Anti-Bullying initiatives (eg, Anti-Bullying Week) as well as regularly discuss how to spot bullying behaviour and what to do about it while in our daily assemblies.

Please remember that if you have any concerns at all about your child, please come in and ask to speak to a member of staff (your child’s class teacher or a member of the leadership team). 

I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress.  

8% of parents disagree that they receive valuable information about their child’s progress and 3% strongly disagree with a further 4% who don’t know.

In response to this we have changed the way and number of times we will communicate with you about your child and their education. This year we have introduced a half termly report which will clearly inform you about whether your child is ‘below, at or above’ the expected standard for their age group in Reading, Writing and Maths. It will also include an effort grade to inform you of how well your child is trying when in class. We will continue to have a parental meeting to discuss your child in the Autumn and Spring terms but have introduced a third meeting which will take place towards the end of the Summer term. The third parental meeting will be after your child’s end of year report has been sent to you and will be an excellent chance for you to discuss the years successes and next steps with your child’s class teacher. Beyond this, we have arranged dates for ‘open classrooms’, where parents will have the opportunity to come into class at the end of the school day to look through their child’s books in an informal way with their children. All class teachers will be in class for any quick questions or for you to talk to about your child should you have any concerns. 

You can download our latest Parent View Survey Results below.

*The percentages have been rounded by the Parent View survey produced by Ofsted – some responses may not equal ‘100’ exactly due to this.

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