Ofsted Information

4th April 2014

We are absolutely delighted to share with you the outcomes from our latest Ofsted inspection. The overall judgement awarded to our school was ‘Good’ and we are thrilled with this outcome as we feel it recognises all the hard work of our dedicated team.

We feel the inspection was accurate and fair and are particularly pleased that it acknowledges how as a team we ‘work well together for the good of the pupils.’

During the two days of the inspection itself the great majority of the children, as always, were a credit to themselves and their families. It is the children, families, staff and governors together who make Willow Green Academy a success.

In our last inspection in 2012 we were judged as being ‘Satisfactory’. This inspection was carried out using a different OFSTED framework than last time. This new framework has raised the bar and expectations even further. As a result, to gain an overall judgement of good is now even harder than it would have been before. This is even more reason for us as a school to feel proud!

Below we have highlighted some key statements from the report:

Achievement is good

  • ‘From starting points below those typically expected for their age, pupils make good progress across the academy and reach standards that are broadly average by the end of Year 6.’
  • ‘Good quality teaching and care help children to make good progress.’
  • ‘Pupils acquire secure skills in phonics.’
  • ‘Disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs are supported well in a range of ways. The academy works effectively with specialists and outside agencies. Teachers and teaching assistants know the children well.’
  • The school uses the pupil premium funding well to ensure that gaps in attainment between eligible pupils and their classmates begin to narrow as soon as children join in the Early Years Foundation Stage.’

 The quality of teaching is good

  • ‘Most teaching is good and some is outstanding.’
  • ‘Pupils have clear targets for improving their learning. Exciting and imaginative tasks are planned which build effectively on pupils’ prior learning.’
  • ‘Teaching assistants make an effective contribution to pupils’ learning and collaborate well with class teachers.’
  • ‘Work in pupils’ books shows pupils making clear progress showing that teaching is good over time.’

 The behaviour and safety of pupils are good

  • ‘Pupils have very positive attitudes to learning and enjoy being at the academy.’
  • ‘The majority of pupils attend well and arrive on time.’
  • ‘Staff work well with families to develop an understanding of how crucial it is for pupil’s academic success that their children attend regularly.’
  • ‘Pupils enjoy taking responsibility,’
  • ‘Parents, staff and pupils who expressed their views agree that behaviour is good.’
  • ‘The academy’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is good.’
  • ‘Pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe  and have a clear understanding about potential dangers, including using the internet and talking to strangers.’

 The leadership and management are good

  • ‘The quality of leadership and management at all levels throughout the academy is good. This is evidenced by pupils’  improved achievement, attendance and behaviour and better teaching, over      the past two years.’
  • ‘Leaders, managers and governors are strongly committed to continuing to improve the quality of provision and outcomes for pupils and identify the actions needed by evaluating the academy’s strengths and weaknesses accurately.’
  • ‘Middle leaders have been effective in working with teachers to improve the quality of planning and resources, which has led to improved achievement.’
  • The tracking and recording of information on pupils’ progress is detailed.’
  • ‘There are robust systems in place to ensure the quality of teaching continually improves.’
  • ‘The lively and creative curriculum helps pupils achieve well.’
  • ‘Pupils’, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted well throughout the curriculum.’
  • ‘Over the past three years, governors have worked hard to develop a positive working relationship with the School Partnership Academies Trust, in order to build leadership capacity for the new Academy.’

 How are we going to become an outstanding school?

Obviously as pleased as we are with this result, our next challenge is to move from being a good school to being an outstanding one.

Ofsted have given us the following advice to help us improve even further.

  • Raise the quality of teaching so it is all consistently good and more is outstanding, in order to drive progress at an even faster pace, particularly in Key Stage 1 and for the most able pupils, by ensuring:
  • teachers always point out inaccuracies in spelling, punctuation and grammar in pupils’ work
  • teachers always give pupils enough time to respond to the advice they provide about how to improve their work
  • the most able pupils are quickly moved on to harder work in lessons, where appropriate
  • Improving the effectiveness of leadership and management even further by ensuring that all information that the education advisory body receives about different groups of pupils is detailed and    clear.

You can download a full copy of the report below. Alternatively if you would like a hard copy of the report please contact the office.

All staff and governors are already working hard to improve the school for your children further. Thank you for all your on-going support.